Egypt,6th of October City Companies List
Address:6th Of October,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-10-1600341 (+20-20-10-1600341)
Address:El-Ordoneya Industrial Complex,4th Industrial Zone,St. No.51,6th Of October City,Egypt,Egypt Tel:20-12-211 75 78 (+20-20-12-211 75 78)
Address:43 Abd Alaziz Fahmy St. Elmotamayez District,6th Of October,Egypt Tel:20-2-8354002 (+20-20-2-8354002)
Address:Afarica Office Add : Office No.320 Ali Eldin Trading Building - Building C - Lilat Elkadr Square - 6th Of October City,6th Of October City,Egypt Tel:20-2-8347755 (+20-20-2-8347755)
Address:2nd Industrial Zone - Plot 38-39,6th Of October City,Egypt Tel:20-2-8330759 (+20-20-2-8330759)
Address:6th Of October,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-2-8330740 (+20-20-2-8330740)
Address:Nama Commercial Center,Giza,Egypt,6th of October City .,Egypt Tel:20-012-7427532 (+20-20-012-7427532)
Address:92 Shourbagy,6th Of October City,Giza,Egypt.,6th Of October City,Giza,Egypt.,Egypt Tel:002-02-8331203 (+20-002-02-8331203)
Address:6th Of October City- P. No.172,Cairo,Egypt Tel:00202-02-8322384 (+20-00202-02-8322384)
Address:6th Of October Street-Mostrod,Cairo,Na,Egypt Tel:20-2-2209868 (+20-20-2-2209868)
Address:6th District,No 56-6th Of October,Cairo,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-10-1482904 (+20-20-10-1482904)
Address:Central Pivot,Area# 1 / 18,6th Of October City,Egypt Tel:002-02-8333263 (+20-002-02-8333263)
Address:Beverly Hills,6th Of October,Egypt Tel:20-2-8570977 (+20-20-2-8570977)
Address:7th Neighborhood,6th Of October,Giza,Egypt Tel:20-2-8368204 (+20-20-2-8368204)
Address:6th Of October City Industrial No.3,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-12-2150796 (+20-20-12-2150796)
Address:6th Of October,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-02-38331190 (+20-20-02-38331190)
Address:Section No. 211 / 4,Second Industrial Zone,6th Of October City,Giza,Giza,Egypt Tel:20-2-8331062 (+20-20-2-8331062)
Address:6th Of October City 1st Industrial Zone P. O. Box: 17,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-2-8331400 (+20-20-2-8331400)
Address:3rd Industrial Zone,6th Of October,Cairo,Egypt Tel:20-12-7993380 (+20-20-12-7993380)
Address:Maka Elmokarama Street-Elfardoos Center-7th Area-,6th Of October,Giza,Egypt Tel:20-10-3000344 (+20-20-10-3000344)